Portable, fire pit, Bluetooth, audio, propane,



$699 (in stock items only)

Take your fire pit experience to the next level with the Voyager fire pit with Beat to Music sound system

This elite edition fire pit allows you to enjoy the highest quality audio paired with the comforting fire ambiance anywhere you want to be. It features Beat to Music mode that synchronizes the flame to your music with its custom Responsive Flame Technology. The dancing flames harmonize perfectly with the music for amplified entertainment.

- 4 Modes: Music | Fire | Fire and Music | Beat to Music (BTM) Mode
- 2.0 Patented 12V 30 watt sound system
- Two 3.5 marine grade speakers
- Wireless connectivity with 60Ft range
- Custom rechargeable 20+ hour battery
- Electric starter
- Powder-coated steel body

Dimensions: 20" L, 20" W, 18" H
Weight: 49 lbs
Voyager - Picture 1
Voyager - Picture 2
Voyager - Picture 3